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Evan Pugh Professors

Since 1960, sixty-eight professors have earned the title of Evan Pugh Professor. Chosen for the honor because he or she "has displayed the courage to pioneer in his or her field, the discipline to remain at the forefront of research, and the generosity of spirit to share these accomplishments with students," these professors are humanists as well as scientists. Their fields include: agriculture, anthropology, art history, arts and humanities, astronomy, atmospheric science, biophysics, business, chemistry, engineering, English, geography, geosciences, health and human development, materials science, mathematics, medicine, microbiology, pharmacology, philosophy, physical science, physics, physiology, plant pathology, political science, psychology, the solid state, and surgery.


Penn State's official criteria, on which a committee of seven members judges a candidate, on their “research publications, creative work or both, have been of the highest quality over a period of time, and [has shown] evidence of having contributed significantly to the education of students who later achieve recognition for excellence in the candidate's discipline or interdisciplinary area." The clause concerning students was added in 1973, after the first nine Evan Pugh Professors had been appointed, to provide, said the Board of Trustees, "a more realistic program for the recognition of outstanding professors."


The following list of Evan Pugh Professors is given in reverse chronological order by appointment year and department.