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Diagnostic and Technical Services

A variety of veterinary and technical services for research support are available to Penn State investigators through the Animal Resource Program (ARP). Diagnostic services may be utilized for clinical as well as research applications for many different animal species. Fees are charged for some diagnostic services.

Diagnostic services

  • Necropsy.
  • Gross- and histo-pathology.
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Ultrasound - Color flow Doppler, continuous wave and pulse wave Doppler available. Tissue velocity mapping capabilities.
  • Digital Radiography - In house and portable capabilities.
  • Parasitology.

Veterinary Services

  • Pre-review of experimental protocols.
  • Assistance in design and planning of animal experimentation procedures.
  • Training of research staff in common experimental procedures and techniques.
  • Anesthesia and surgical assistance and consultation.
  • Health surveillance and clinical medicine services for laboratory animals.
  • Health surveillance and reproductive consultation for agricultural animals.

Please call (865-1495) to arrange a consultation or speak with a veterinarian or technician.