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Use of Biohazardous Materials and Biological Products in Research Animals

  • The use of pathogenic organisms, radioisotopes, carcinogens or other materials that may be hazardous to animals or humans should be clearly indicated on the Animal Care Request (ACR) form. The Institutional Biosafety Committee must approve experimental procedures involving biohazardous material prior to IACUC approval and ACR form submission.  The University Isotopes Committee must approve the use of radioisotopes prior to IACUC approval and ACR form submission.
  • Biological products are a potential source of microorganisms, especially pathogenic viruses that may infect laboratory animals. All biological products (tumors, blood, serum or other products of animal origin) must be screened for pathogen contamination before introduction into animals. If documentation of testing of the product you wish to use is available, please submit this to ARP with the Animal Care Request form. If no or incomplete documentation is available, appropriate testing must be performed before animal experimentation can begin. Please contact ARP at least 2 weeks prior to starting any animal experimentation to allow time for testing.