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Education & Training

Training and instruction in laboratory, husbandry and clinical procedures are available to all Penn State staff and students working with animals in research and teaching.

Well trained staff and students are the best way to ensure research accuracy and validity while providing humane treatment of animals. ARP offers small group seminars and classes in addition to online and individual training for Penn State research investigators and staff. Click on the links below for information on class content and scheduling.

View our handout on using animals in research.

Training Resources at Penn State

Rodent Surgery Tutorial

An online tutorial that must be completed by all research personnel who will be performing rodent surgery at Penn State.

Rodent Surgery Training Classes

Instruction in aseptic technique, tissue handling and wound closure. Strongly recommended for those new to surgery!

Microsurgery Seminar

New! Instruction and practice in basic microsurgical techniques for research personnel.

Mouse Biomethodology Seminar

Training and practice in various aspects of mouse biology, handling, restraint, and common experimental procedures.

Basic Principles of Mouse Breeding Colony Management

Practical tips and techniques for successful management of a mouse breeding colony.

Inside a Laboratory Animal Facility

An online tutorial providing a brief overview of how the PSU laboratory animal facilities operate. Recommended for those new to PSU and/or animal research!

Individualized training

Training in specific animal related procedures provided by ARP veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Please contact the ARP office for more information.

Rodent Training Videos

Video demonstrations of common laboratory procedures in rodents. Great for review!

Links to Other Information and Resources


Calving/Lambing Sense Workshops

Designed to provide students and farm employees with a basic understanding of parturition in cattle and/or sheep and how to manage dystocia. This workshop can be arranged by contacting ARP to schedule a time.

Laboratory Animal Science (VB SC 405)

A 3 credit lecture and laboratory course offered by the Penn State Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. This course introduces students to the biology of a variety of laboratory animal species, explores the care and use of animals in various types of research and introduces students to sources of information pertaining to the care of use of laboratory animals.