2018 ACOR Retreat Agenda

September 7, 2018 | The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel |Register

2018 ACOR Retreat – AGENDA

September 7, 2018  – The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel


/Registration - Presidents Hall (Food and beverage available)


Welcome – Presidents Hall
Neil Sharkey –
Vice President for Research


ACOR Award Presentation – Presidents Hall
Neil Sharkey –
Vice President for Research
John Hanold - Associate Vice President for Research - Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
Kimberly Croft - Senior Director, Research Administration


Debbie Meder
Functional Lead, SIMBA Production
SIMBA Team - Corry Bullock, Justin Harris, Wayne Royer & Robert Watson


Break (Food and beverage available)


Break-Out Session #1

  1. Sink or Swim: How to Stay Afloat in Your First Years of Pre-Award
    Kristin Cox, Christine Wagner, Jenna Neff
    The presenters will share their experiences navigating the responsibilities of being a new pre-award research administrator. They will also provide general guidance on how to jump in the deep end with grace and control, how to increase knowledge and endurance, and where to find those life rafts when the waves get choppy. This session is intended to be interactive: Come willing to share your own experiences and tips. The audience will leave this session with a boat load of tools and contacts that can help them become more confident research administrators.
  2. Life Cycle of a Negotiation
    Robin Riglin, Brenda Brooks, Cheryl George, Missy Surovec, JoZane Cardamone
    Ever wonder why it sometimes seems to take forever for an agreement to get executed once it arrives in the Office of Sponsored Programs?  A team of OSP Negotiators will demonstrate some of the challenges involved in reaching an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties while juggling competing interests and always keeping an eye on the clock.
  3. Data Use Agreement Trivia
    Kris McNitt, Doug Dodson, Rocco Zinobile, Niki Page, Stacey Bucha, Chris Greiner
    Here’s your chance to participate in a trivia game based on Data Use Agreements. This session will focus on the Data Use Agreement process, specifically geared towards the Research Administrators and their participation in Data Acquisition. 


Lunch – Presidents Hall


Dr. Patrick McDaniel – Presidents Hall
Engineering, Computer & Science - Penn State University

Being Secure Every Day; What We Should… But Don’t Do
It is undeniable that technology has changed almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives, often to our great benefit.  At the same time, we as users feel under constant assault from hackers breaking into our systems, con artists trying trick out of our hard-earned money, and invasive and often invisible companies cultivating our most private data and interactions.  In this often-dizzying world we feel powerless to defend ourselves.  In this talk I explore a number of basic techniques that every day users don’t do (or don’t do consistently) that can vastly reduce the chances of us or our data being misused by adversaries on the Internet and beyond.  I conclude the talk with a brief overview of the work within the Institute for Network and Security Research on Cyber-Security for users, the U.S. Army and the nation.




Break-Out Session #2

  1. Proposal & Award Generalist (PAG) Career Ladder
    Jennifer Lear, Jeff Popadines
    What does a successful career in Research Administration look like?  How can I advance in my current position?  What do I need to do to become a supervisor or director?  The PAG Career Ladder is your guide to professional development and career planning.  Approved for implementation in 2018-19, the PAG Career Ladder outlines standards for determining staff readiness for upgrades and promotions available for this career field.  Career tracks for multiple position types and pathways to higher-level positions will be discussed.  Come find out how to climb the ladder and get to the top!
  2. F&A: Not Just an Expletive
    Kimberly Croft, Jennifer Rowles , Arden Packer, Kevin Spotts  
    Come take a dip in the cost pools of F&A.  Cost Analysis will provide a walk-through of how costs incurred throughout the University are categorized and explain how it impacts the rate calculation. 
  3. De-mystifying the world of research compliance
    Sara Horn, Clint Schmidt, Kim Petrosky, Jeremy DeRicco, Jodi Mathieu
    Not sure who to ask? This session will help! Whether dealing with the IAF, project suspensions, conflict disclosure policies, or research integrity investigations, the ORP is tied to many types of research. Provide your questions early so that you can learn how your office can work with the ORP and help your researchers remain compliant.


Break (Food and beverage available on 1st and 2nd floor)


Break-Out Session #3

  1. The Amazing Automation of the Penn State Sub Request Form
    Jim Taylor, Wendy Peck, Sarah Kronenwetter
    Join us for a sneak peak in to the transformation from paper to an electronic sub request form.
  2. The Pay & Effort World Series: Brought To You By The Lawfirm of Dewey, Chitum & Hau
    Steve Koths, Kevin Peterson, Kera Kollman

    A game style Q&A information session focusing on Pay and Effort Policy, procedures and best practices.
  3. NIH – The Human Factor 2018; NSF and Research.gov – The Ecstasy and the Agony
    Jen Hoffman, Michelle Smith, Mark Williams 
    What's new in NIH and NSF?  How to fill out those pesky Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information sheets for NIH proposals. Also, learn some tips and tricks to Research.gov.  If you're a little dazed and confused -- you are not alone.  Come to our presentation and we will show you the light at the end of the tunnel.


Break (Food and beverage available on 1st and 2nd floor)



Dr. Samuel Richards & Dr. Laurie Mulvey – Presidents Hall
Liberal Arts, Sociology Department – Penn State University

Conflict is Not a Dirty Word
Laurie Mulvey and Sam Richards have spent 35 years studying and leading dialogues about contentious issues that involve inequity of all kinds. They have been called the “parents of radical empathy” and are founders of the World in Conversation Center for Public Diplomacy, the largest university-based dialogue organization in the United States. Each year the Center sponsors over 3,000 cross-cultural conversations with students at Penn State and around the globe. Together they will share their most significant “takeaways,” as well as practical insights for addressing polarization between groups in different positions who face different stakes. And they will invite all of you to participate in one of their dialogues.