RCR Policies and Guidelines

Responsible Conduct of Research policies and guidelines and Penn State policies.

AD47 - General Standards of Professional Ethics
AD83 - Institutional Financial Conflict of Interest
IP01 - Ownership and Management of Intellectual Property
IP02 - Coauthorship of Scholarly Reports, Papers and Publications
IPG01 - Faculty Guidance On Student Intellectual Property Rights
IPG02 - Special Student Intellectual Property Agreement Forms
IPG03 - What to Expect When Licensing a Penn State Technology into a Start-Up Company
RA01 - Determining the Allowability, Allocability, and Reasonableness of Costs on Sponsored Projects
RA03 - Preparing Budgets (Cost Estimates) For Sponsored Projects
RA04 - Making Revisions to Budgets and Program Plans on Federally Sponsored Projects
RA06 - Cost Recovery for Sponsored Projects
RA07 - Use of Equipment Purchased on Federally Sponsored Projects
RAG64 - Reimbursement Salary Caps and Plan Effort Confirmation
RA66 - Determining and Disposing of Program Income on Federally Sponsored Projects
IP06 - Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurial Activities (Faculty Research)
RPG01 - The Responsible Conduct of Research
RP02 - Addressing Allegations of Research Misconduct
RP03 - The Use of Human Participants in Research
RP04 - Care and Use of Vertebrate Animals
RP06 - Disclosure and Management of Significant Financial Interests
RP07 - HIPAA and Research at Penn State
SY01 - Environmental Health and Safety Policy
SY14 - Use of Radioactive Materials
SY15 - Radiation-Producing Instruments
SY20 - Hazardous Waste Disposal
SY24 - Use of Regulated and Biohazardous Materials in Research and Instruction
SY29 - Infectious Waste Disposal