2nd Annual Energy Harvesting Society Meeting: Draft Schedule


  Main Atrium Symposium
(2nd Floor)
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Room 107
(First Floor)

Wednesday Sept. 5th 2018


8:00 a.m. 

Registration Open
Poster Gallery Open
Exhibition Open (Upper Mezzanine)

Continental Breakfast (until 8:45 a.m.)

7:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.   

Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems Planning Meeting

Planning Meeting Agenda:

7:30 a.m. Breakfast and Networking 

8:00 a.m.

Jeff Fortin, Associate Vice President for Research and Director of the Office of Industrial Partnerships
8:10 a.m. Vision, Capabilities, and Value Proposition
Chris Rahn, J. ‘Lee’ Everett Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Co-Director of the Battery and Energy Storage Technology Center, Associate Dean for Innovation in the College of Engineering
9:00 a.m. Penn State Research Project Presentations
Chris Rahn, Susan Trolier-McKinstry, Shashank Priya, Mehdi Kiani, and Clive Randall
10:15 a.m. Break
10:30 a.m.

Industry Introductions and Feedback

11:30 a.m. Wrap Up and Next Steps



12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.  Lunch - Upper Mezzanine Welcome Lunch and Remarks
Neil A. Sharkey, Vice President for Research, Penn State

(Lunch available outside Symposium)
1:00 p.m.  - 1:50 p.m.     Keynote: Tom Richard, Director of the Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment
Session Chair: Chris Rahn, Penn State
2:00 p.m.  - 2:35 p.m.          
2:35 p.m.  - 2:45 p.m.   Break - Coffee Service      
    Session 1: Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting
Session 2: Nanostructures and 2D Materials
Icon Lab
Session 3: Circuit Design and Sensor nodes
Room 107
2:45 p.m.  - 3:10 p.m.     Invited Speaker: Muhammad Hajj, Virginia Tech - "Identification of nonlinear piezoelectric coefficients" Invited Speaker: Seong-Ju Hwang, Ewha Women's University - "Energy Production and Storage on Exfoliated 2D Inorganic Nanosheets" Invited Speaker: David Arnold, University of Florida- "Mid-Range Wireless Power Delivery to Compact Receivers in Cluttered Environments"
3:10 p.m.  - 3:35  p.m.     Invited Speaker:  Lane Martin, UC Berkeley - "Pyroelectric Energy Conversion – Overview and Demonstration of Novel Thermal-Energy Conversion" Invited Speaker: Sang-Woo Kim, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) - "Triboelectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Nanomaterials for Self-Powered Electronics? Invited Speaker: Vikram Pakrashi, University of Dublin - "Energy Harvesters and Structural Health Monitors"
3:35 p.m. - 3:50 p.m.     Invited Speaker: Christopher Mullen, US Army CERDEC CP&I - "Experimental Verification of a Transient Finite Element Simulation for an Energy Harvesting Electromechanical Transducer" Invited Speaker: Meyners Dirk, Kiel University - "MEMS Energy Harvester with solidified powder magnet"

Invited Speaker


Contributed Talk: Ping Li, Shanghai Jiao Tong University - "Up-conversion Storage-Energy Power Management Circuit for Piezoelectric Weak Energy Harvesting"

3:50 p.m.  - 4:05 p.m.     Contributed Talk: Sunwoo Kim, Korea University - "Relationship between the piezoelectric properties of the ceramics and the output power of the various types of piezoelectric energy harvesters" Invited Speaker: Ashish Garg, IIT Kanpur Contributed Talk: Tianwei Ma, University of Hawai'I at Momoa - "Effects of non-resistive electrical loads on vibration energy harvesting performance"
4:05  p.m.  - 4:20 p.m.     Invited Speaker: Tuncdemir Safakcan, Solid State Ceramics Invited Speaker: Makhapa Makhfola, MINTEK Contributed Talk: Yongke Yan, Virginia Tech - "Design of magnetoelectric voltage tunable inductors for energy efficient electronics"
4:20 p.m.   - 4:30 p.m.   Break - Coffee Service       
4:35  p.m.   - 5:10 p.m.     Plenary: Stanley Whittingham, Binghamton University - "Energy Storage for Energy Harvesting Applications"    
5:10  p.m.  - 7:00 p.m.   Reception & Poster Session      

Thursday Sept. 6th 2018


8:00 a.m. 

Registration Open
Poster Gallery Open
Exhibition Open (Upper Mezzanine)

Continental Breakfast (Until 8:45 a.m.)

8:45 p.m. - 9:20 a.m.   Plenary: Susan Trolier-McKinstry, Penn State - "Energy harvesting with piezoelectric films"    
    Session 1: Thermal Energy Harvesting
Session 2: Solar/Photovoltaic
Icon Lab
Session 3: Materials
Room 107
9:30 a.m. - 9:55 a.m.   Invited Speaker: Armin Feldhoff, Leibniz University - "Triple-phase ceramic nanocomposite with enhanced thermoelectric power factor" Invited Speaker: Yang Bai, University of Oulu - "Boost photovoltaic output of ferroelectric ceramics by opto-electric control of domains" Invited Speaker: Abhijit Pramanick, City University of Hong Kong - "Design of new Pb-free relaxors based on physicochemical effects of various atomic substitutions"
9:55 a.m. -10:20 a.m.   Invited Speaker: Ichiro Takeuchi, University of Maryland - "Elastocaloric cooling: mechanisms, materials, and systems" Invited Speaker: Joe Shapter, University of Queensland - "Enhancing Solar Cells using Nanomaterials" Invited Speaker: Gurpreet Singh, Kansas State University - "Molecular Precursor-Dervied Ceramics for Electrochemical Energy Storage Applications"
10:20 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.   Invited Speaker: Kiril Kovnir, Iowa State University - "Structure and bonding in phosphide clathrate thermoelectrics" Invited Speaker: Stephanie Lee, Stevens Institute of Technology - "Solution Shearing of Continuously Processed Organic Photovoltaic Active Layers for Morphological Control" Invited Speaker: Sahn Nahm, Korea University - "Optimal design of piezoelectric ceramics for elastic metamaterial-based energy harvesting"
10:45 a.m. - 11:10 a.m.   Invited Speaker: Mehmet Ozturk, NC State - "Flexible Thermoelectric Generators with Bulk Thermoelectric Materials and Stretchable, Low-Resistivity Liquid Metal Interconnects" Invited Speaker: Dierdre O'Carroll, Rutgers University - "Metasurfaces for Improved Efficiency and Stability of Thin-Film Organic Optoelectronic Devices" Invited Speaker: Richard Robinson, Cornell University - "Metastable Nanoparticle Surfaces for Tunable Catalysis Systems"
11:10 a.m. - 11:25 a.m.   Invited Speaker: Bed Poudel, Penn State Contributed Talk: Kai Wang, Virginia Tech - "Quasi-Two-Dimensional Halide Perovskite Single Crystals" Contributed Talk: Hairui Liu, Virginia Tech - "High Qm piezoelectric textured ceramics for high-power applications"
11:25 a.m. -11:40 a.m.   Contributed Talk: Ravi Kishore, Virginia Tech - "Low-grade thermal energy harvesting using thermomagnetic effect" Contributed Talk: Jiang Yuanyuan, Virginia Tech - "All Electrospray Printed Perovskite Solar Cells" Contributed Talk: Shenqiang Ren, University of Buffalo - "Molecular Ferroelectrics"
11:40 a.m. -11:55 a.m.   Contributed Talk: Wenjie Li, Virginia Tech - "Predominant effect of La and Yb fillers and Sb-rich phase in multi-filling n-type skutterudite" Contributed Talk: Dong Wang, Virginia Tech - "Record Efficiency Stable Flexible Perovskite Solar Cell Using Effective Additive Assistant Strategy" Contributed Talk: Tae-Gong Lee, Korea University - "Correlation of output performance of ring-type 33-mode piezoelectric energy harvester with piezoelectric properties of materials"
11:55 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.    Contributed Talk: Udara Saparamadu, Penn State Contributed Talk: Congcong Wu, Virginia Tech - "Highly Stable Organo-Lead Halide Perovskites Synthesized Through Green Self-Assembly Process" Contributed Talk: Xiaotian Li, Penn State - "Fabrication of tunable piezoelectric multilayer transformer"
12:00 p.m.- 1:00 p.m. Lunch - Upper Mezanine       
1:10 p.m. -1:45 p.m.   Plenary Speaker:  Chris Fraga, Founder and CEO of Alternative Energy Development Group  
Session Chair: 
    Session 1: Mechanical Energy Harvesting
Session 2: Energy Storage and Fuel Cells
Icon Lab
Session 3: IoT, Wearables, BAN
Room 107
2:00 p.m. -2:25 p.m.   Invited Speaker: Jens Twifel, Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany - "On appraising transducer's structures and broadband strategies for piezoelectric energy harvesters based on volume constraints" Invited Speaker: Denis Pasero, Ilika Plc - "Development and integration of solid state batteries with energy harvesting in IoT sensor nodes" Invited Speaker: Ayline Yener, Penn State
2:25 p.m. - 2:50 p.m.   Invited Speaker:  Meiling Zhu, University of Exeter - "Integrated System Approach for Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensing" Invited Speaker: Ray Baughman, University of Texas at Dallas  - "Energy Harvesting, Energy Storing, and Comfort Adjusting Yarns and Textiles" Invited Speaker: Gareth Knowles, QorTek
2:50 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.   Contributed Talk: Jia Mi, Wuhan University of Technology  & Virginia Tech - "Bottom-hinged Flap-type Wave Energy Converter with Mechanical Motion Rectifier" Invited Speaker: Richard Robinson, Cornell University - "Controlling Oxide Surfaces through Cation Site Occupation" Invited Speaker: Daryoosh Vashaee, North Carolina State University
3:15 p.m. - 3:40 p.m.   Contributed Talk: Yabin Liao, Penn State - "Power limit and impedance analysis of piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters" Invited Speaker: Dhanajay Kumar, North Carolina A&T Invited Speaker: Stefano Basagni, Northeastern University
3:40 p.m. - 3:55 p.m.****   Contributed Talk: Mingyi Liu, Virginia Tech - "Energy Harvesting from Ankle: Generating Electricity by Harvesting Negative Muscle Work"

Invited Speaker: Joe Evans, Radiant Technologies - TBA



Invited Speaker: Joshua Smith, University of Washington
3:55 p.m.- 4:10 p.m.   Contributed Talk: Hui Zhang, University of Hawai'i -  "Nonlinear Vibration Energy Harvesting – Issues and Opportunities" Invited Talk: Phil Armstrong, Lead, Carbon Science Centre of Excellence at Morgan Advanced Materials - TBA Contirbuted Talk: Amin Nozariasbmarz, Penn State
4:10 p.m. - 4:25 p.m.   Contributed Talk: Rammohan Sriramdas, Virginia Tech - "Parametric Analysis of Energy Harvesters Absorbing Vibrations and Magnetic Fields" Contributed Talk: Jun Ma, Penn State - "Multifunctional NCM-Si Batteries with Self-Actuation" Contributed Talk: Udara Saparamadu, Penn State - "Investigation of high temperature bonding technique for high power output half-Heusler modules"
4:25 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Break - Coffee Service      
4:45 p.m. - 5:20 p.m.   Plenary:  EnerSys 
5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Reception & Poster Session      
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. EHS Board Meeting (Location TBA)      

Friday Sept. 7th 2018


8:00 a.m. 

Registration Open
Poster Gallery Open
Exhibition Open (Upper Mezzanine)

Continental Breakfast (until 8:45 a.m.)

8:45 a.m. -9:20 a.m.    Plenary: Sofi Bin-Salamon, Program Manager in Biophysics, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Session Chair: Shashank Priya, Penn State
    Session 1: Mechanical Energy Harvesting
Session 2: Flexible Energy Harvesters and Storage
Icon Lab
9:20 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.    Invited Speaker: Kenji Uchino, Penn State - "Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems" Invited Speaker:  Zoubeida Ounaies, Penn State, Polymer-Based Multifunctional Materials for Energy Storage, Conversion and Harvesting  
9:45 a.m. - 10:10 a.m.    Invited Speaker: Nathan Sharpes, US Army CERDEC - "Appreciating the Ambient: Considering the Energy Harvesting Source" Invited Speaker: Marina Leite, University of Maryland - Nanoscale Imaging of Materials for Energy Applications  
10:10 a.m. -10:35 a.m.    Invited Speaker: Ji-Tzouh Lin, Liant, LLC - "Low Vibration Energy Harvesting Strategy" Invited Speaker: Sohini Kar-Narayan, University of Cambridge - Polymer-based Nanomaterials and Devices for Energy Harvesting  
10:35 a.m. -10:50 a.m.  Break      
10:55 a.m. -11:10 a.m.    Contributed Talk: Feng Qian, Virginia Tech - "Finite element modeling and experimental validation of a footwear piezoelectric energy harvester" Invited Speaker: Clive Randall, Penn State Materials Research Institute - TBA  
11:10 a.m. -11:25 a.m.    Contributed Talk: Massoud Derakhshani, University of Louisville - "Modeling and fabrication of a MEMS piezoelectric energy harvester" Contributed Talk: Safwat Tahzib, Penn State -  "Compliant P(VDF-TrFE) energy harvesters using interlaminar grid electrodes for textile integration"  
11:25 a.m.  - 11:40 a.m.         
11:40 a.m. - 11:55 a.m.         

Materials Valley Session

11:55 a.m.  - 12:55 p.m. Lunch - Upper Mezzanine

Panel Discussion: Industry Experiences and Interactions with Penn State

Panel Discussion: Industry Experiences and Interactions with Penn State
Hear from Penn State’s current industry partners on their experiences working in Materials Valley.
Panel speakers include: QorTek, Micromechatronics

Session Chair: Jeff Fortin, Associate Vice President for Research and Director, Office of Industrial Partnerships at Penn State

1:00 p.m. -1:30 p.m.  

Center for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics (CDP) / MRI Research Facilities
Includes an overview of CDP as well as information on cutting-edge materials instrumentation and facilities at Penn State; attendees to receive information on current opportunities and facilities available.

Clive Randall – Director, Materials Research Institute, Penn State
Josh Stapleton – Staff Scientist, Materials Research Institute at Penn State

1:15 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.   Susan Sinnott, Dept. Head, Materials Science & Engineering and Chemistry, Penn State    
1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.  

Working with Universities: SBIR/STTR Opportunities Presented by: Ben Franklin

  • Dr. John M. Sankovic, Center Chief Technologist, John H. Glenn Research Center, NASA
  • Kelly Wylam, Director, PA Innovation Partners
  • Jennifer Myers, VP of Economic Development, CBICC (Chamber for Business and Industry of Centre County)
  • Program Manager, NSF – To be confirmed
2:30 p.m. -2:45 p.m.   Open Discussion with SBIR/STTR managers; moderated by Ben Franklin    
2:45 p.m. -3:00 p.m.   Closing remarks and next steps – Shashank Priya, Associate Vice President for Research, Penn State