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Industrial Uses

Liquid fuels and natural gas currently account for about two-thirds of industrial energy use, and provide the basic feedstocks for many chemicals and materials.  The newly abundant supply of clean, low cost shale gas creates an opportunity to attract and reinvigorate industries that have large energy or chemical feedstock needs.  The Industrial Uses Working Group will discuss opportunities and roadblocks to greater industrial use of natural gas in our region, and recommend policy changes and actions needed to take full advantage of this economic and industrial development opportunity.

To prepare for the Working Group, read group's position paper:

Industrial Use of Natural Gas Opportunities for the Shale Gas

Working Group Panelists will be:

  • Seth Blumsack – Assistant Professor of Energy Policy and Economics, Penn State University
  • Michael Hatcher – Vice President, Procurement, Raw Materials & Real Estate, United States Steel Corporation
  • Renato Monteiro – Vice President, Business Development, Braskem America, Inc
  • Tom Richard – Director of the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment
  • Robert Rioux – Friedrich G. Helfferich Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Penn State
  • Ken Zapinski - Senior Vice President, Energy & Infrastructure, Allegheny Conference on Community Development
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