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Penn State CyberScience Task Force Publishes Report

Posted on Jul 11, 2011

In August 2010, Henry (Hank) Foley, Vice President for Research, created a university-wide Cyberscience Task Force (CTF). Members of the CTF are listed in the beginning of the Cyberscience Task Force Report. Recognizing the urgent need to provide a coherent and integrated set of recommendations for future investments in cyberscience research, infrastructure development, education, training, and outreach, the charge given to the CTF was as follows:

  • Task 1: Review the current state of cyberscience-related research at Penn State.
  • Task 2: Develop a list of areas of strength at Penn State in cyberscience in view of two key priorities: (1) growing cyberscience in concert with existing strengths at Penn State and (2) growing cyberscience along themes that hold the potential for high impact and that maximize the likelihood of success in future large-scale funding opportunities.
  • Task 3: From the list above, identify those areas where focused effort will move Penn State into leadership positions at the state, national, and international levels.
  • Task 4: Propose strategies for the areas identified in Task 3 that could bring Penn State into the spotlight.
  • Task 5: In the context of strategies identified in Task 4, suggest approaches to leverage existing structures to enable enhanced outcomes, i.e., to accelerate and increase returns on investments.

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