Researchers seeking volunteers for study on family leisure

This research is being done to find out how families interact during leisure experiences. It will help us understand how family interactions relates to each spouses’ enjoyment of the leisure experience and family relationship quality.

Penn State IRB Approval Number: 

Participant Inclusion Criteria

Gender criteria: 
No Gender Requirements
Additional Inclusion Criteria: 
  1. Currently married and living with spouse.
  2. Has at least one child who is 4 to 17 years old living at home.
Exclusion Criteria: 
  1. Active duty or reserve component (Reserve & National Guard) military service members.
  2. Non-English speaking.
  3. Individuals who do not meet the inclusion criteria.
Will compensation be provided?: 
Compensation amount:: 
You and your spouse will each receive $40 in electronic gift cards for completing the baseline survey and lab visit. Additionally, you and your spouse will be compensated $10 for completing the follow-up online survey. These gift cards will also be distributed electronically.

Study Dates, Times and Location

Location of Study: 
Henderson Building at Penn State University
By Appointment?: 
Approx Study Length: 
Study Length Details: 
1. If you are eligible to participate, the first part of participation will involve scheduling a visit for your spouse and child or children to the Henderson Building at Penn State University Park. You can schedule your visit by contacting the lead researcher, Camilla Hodge at or by phone (814) 863-8989. 2. During the one-time visit, you and your spouse will complete a 20-minute survey. Then you, your spouse, and your child or children will spend 30 minutes selecting and then participating in a family leisure activity of your choice. Activities include various card and board games, puzzles, and collaborative art projects. You, your spouse, and your child or children will be asked to wear sociometric badges during the 30-minute activity. Sociometric badges are small (about the size of an iPhone SE) devices that can be worn either via a lanyard around the neck or secured with a Velcro strap around the chest. The badges use Bluetooth and infrared technology to collect data regarding body movement, proximity and directionality to other badges (i.e., face-to-face interaction) and speech (audio recordings). The 30-minute leisure activity will also be video recorded. You will receive a parking pass for your campus visit. 3. Finally, you and your spouse will receive an email with a link to a brief online follow-up survey approximately one week after the lab visit.

Contact Information

Contact Name: 
Camilla J. Hodge
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: