Female volunteers age 18-35 needs for a research study

Why is this research study being done?   

We are asking you to be in this research because you are a female between the ages of 18-35 years old and identify as either a non-smoker, an e-cigarette user or a conventional cigarette smoker.

This research is being done to find out how e-cigarette use and vitamin D levels may be linked. Vitamin D is a hormone found in your blood and its major role is to regulate calcium in your body from the foods you eat. Vitamin D biomarkers have been consistently linked with bone health endpoints, while tobacco cigarette smoking has been associated with low serum vitamin D metabolites and low bone mineral density.


What will happen in this research study?

If you choose to participate, you will be asked to sign this consent form and then you will be asked to follow these procedures:

  • Questionnaire

    • You have been asked to answer a questionnaire online about your medical history, smoking, sunlight exposure, and physical activity.  Your online questionnaire should be completed before the in-person visit to the Penn State Clinical Research Center, Penn State Medical Group Clinic or other approved clinic location.
    • As stated in the Summary Explanation you received before completing the online questionnaire, you are always free to answer “I don’t know” or “decline” to any questions that you do not wish to answer. 
    • If this questionnaire is not completed before the CRC visit, it must be completed during the CRC visit.
  • Dietary Intake.  You will be asked to fill out one 24-hour dietary recall at your clinic visit and two more occasions (one weekend day and one week day)  This will be conducted online using the National Cancer Institute’s ASA24 automated dietary recall program.  An anonymous username and password will be used to store you information on the NCI’s ASA24 server.  No personal identifying information or any health-related information will be shared with the NCI ASA24 server. For more information see: http://epi.grants.cancer.gov/asa24/. 
  • Weight, Height, waist circumference and Blood Pressure.  You will have your weight, height and waists circumference measured once, and your blood pressure measured two times at your clinic visit.
  • Tobacco Use.  If you use tobacco or vaping products (e-cigarettes), you will be asked to bring in all products you currently are using so that the UPC code may be recorded and a picture of the product can be taken.
  • Bone Mineral Density.  Bone mineral density will be estimated using the Sahara bone sonometer using quantitative heel ultrasound.
  • Pregnancy Test. A urine pregnancy test will be completed during your CRC visit. This test is conducted for research purposes only and the results will not be disclosed to you. If you wish to know your pregnancy status, please contact your doctor’s office. Urine samples will not be saved following the completion of the pregnancy test.
  • Blood Draw.  You will have approximately 2 tablespoons of blood drawn from your arm at your clinic visit.  If, for some reason, you are unable to provide your blood sample today, you will be asked to return at a later date to provide a blood sample.
Penn State IRB Approval Number: 

Participant Inclusion Criteria

Gender criteria: 
a female between the ages of 18-35 years old and identify as either a non-smoker, an e-cigarette user or a conventional cigarette smoker.
Starting Age in Years: 
Ending Age in Years: 
Additional Inclusion Criteria: 

either a non-smoker, an e-cigarette user or a conventional cigarette smoker

Exclusion Criteria: 


Currently or past Chemo-therapy

Will compensation be provided?: 
Compensation amount:: 

Study Dates, Times and Location

Location of Study: 
Noll Laboratory
By Appointment?: 
Approx Study Length: 
Study Length Details: 
If you agree to take part, it will take you about 2 hour and 30 minutes to complete this research study. • 40 minutes for the online questionnaire; and • 20 minutes for biometric measurements and blood draw • 30 minutes for each ASA24 online dietary recall (three total)

Contact Information

Contact Name: 
CRC Staff
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Website for research study: 
https://redcap.ctsi.psu.edu/surveys/ CODE: XPPA3MA8C
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