CATS IACUC Pilot Underway

Image of researcher typing with CATS IACUC system banner over top

Office for Research Protections     |     Institutional Animal and Care Use Committee (IACUC) 

The pilot release of CATS IACUC, a new online application system for animal care and use protocols, is underway. During the pilot release, triennial renewal submissions for protocols expiring on or after July 15, 2017 must be submitted in CATS IACUC (i.e., protocols in which the third year of IACUC approval expires on or after July 15). The current protocol number will be maintained. Principal investigators of these protocols will receive direct communication from the CATS team and the Institutional Animal Care and Use program about this requirement 90 days prior to the submission deadline, and training in the new CATS IACUC will be provided. A series of department communications and presentations about this release is also underway.  A general launch is planned for Fall 2017 with additional information and researcher training opportunities coming at that time.

CATS IACUC is a user-friendly online application system that streamlines and allows for re-use of information on research teams and procedures; provides a transparent workflow for researchers; improves the ease and documentation of communications about submission reviews and changes; and simplifies the annual and triennial review processes. CATS IACUC will eventually be replacing PRAMS and paper submissions.