Seeking English monolinguals for an EEG study

In this study, participants will be asked to read words in English, learn novel words in English, and complete a few tasks on the computer. During the reading task, we will record your naturally occurring brain activity using sensors attached to a cap. A small amount of water-soluble gel will get in your hair from the cap, but will easily wash out. If you need glasses or contacts to read, please wear them on the day of your session. Please do not wear make-up or earrings, and do not come into the lab with wet hair.

There are 2-3 sessions in total. The study will take approximately 2 hours for the first session and 1 hour for a second session (and a 1-hour third session if needed) 1-4 weeks later.  We pay $10/hour for your time.

If you are interested to participate, please fill out your name, contacts, and availability on this doodle pool (your information is protected; only we can see your responses):

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Participant Inclusion Criteria

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No Gender Requirements
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Additional Inclusion Criteria: 

- At least 18 years old

- Right-handed

- Normal or corrected-to-normal vision and not colorblind

(i.e., glasses or contacts which are the correct prescription)

-No history of neurological or language disorders

-No knowledge of another language

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Study Dates, Times and Location

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034 Burrowes Building
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There will be 2-3 sessions. The first session takes about 2 hours, the second one takes about 0.5-1 hours, and the third one (if needed) takes about 1 hour.

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SI Eye-tracking and ERP Lab
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