participants needed for context-aware transitshare mobile app study

We are asking you to be in this research to help us evaluate the context-aware transport-share smartphone appIn this study, we will first invite you to complete a pre-study on-line survey which takes about 10-minutes about your basic demographic information and your familiarity with mobile and context-aware technologies. Then you will be instructed to download and install the app “Aware” (for free) on your smartphone. You will use the app for 5 weeks. During the first 2 weeks of the study period, you will have the application installed to track and learn your location travel patterns, which will be used to provide context-aware transport-share recommendations. During the later 3 weeks of the study period, you will download and use another app "TransitShare" to post requests and offers of ride-sharing or delivery-sharing activities, and check the list of recommended activities by others. You do not have to actually carry out these activities off-line. Every time you post or join an activity, you will be invited to short online survey to reflect on the experience of using the context-aware transport-share application, which gives us the chance to improve further iterations of the application. After the study, you will be invited to our lab for a 20-minutes interview. You'll receive $20 upon finishing the study. The whole study, although lasts for about 5 weeks, will cost in total 1-2 hours of efforts.

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No Gender Requirements
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Participants should be Penn State students and iOS or Android smartphone users.

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The study lasts for 5 weeks, but the total amount of effort that participants need to check the app and complete surveys and interviews will be around 2 hours.

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Jiawei Chen
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