Scientific Diving Success Story: Karp Wins Conservation Award

Picture of Rich and two other mean with a net of coral
Rich Karp (left) working with others on coral reef conservation

Rich Karp was recently awarded the Master of Professional Science Award for Excellence in Ocean Stewardship. Karp, B.S. Chemistry, 2014, is a graduate of Penn State’s scientific diving program.

Karp won the award for his research at the University of Miami, while completing a graduate degree in Professional Science, Exploration Science. 

The award acknowledges “a student in the Master of Professional Science program who exemplifies ocean stewardship” by developing a project that is designed “to address an important marine conservation issue.”  Rich’s cutting-edge research identified genotypes of heat-tolerant staghorn coral that can be successfully transplanted from a coral nursery to warm ocean waters. His findings will be used to enhance reef restoration through the planting of the heat-tolerant corals he identified.

At Miami, Karp worked in the Coral Reef Futures Lab and the Rescue a Reef program.