Guide for Licensed Radioactive Materials Users

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Office for Research Protections     |     University Isotopes Committee (UIC)

Penn State University is committed to ensuring our research community, students, faculty and staff have a safe work environment.  It is critical that researchers working with radioactive materials complete their required radiation safety activities in a consistent and timely manner.  Recently, all registered researchers received a “Guide for Safe Use of Radioactive Materials at Penn State,” which is intended to help remind our research community of these expected radiation safety activities.

Each Principal Investigator working with radioactive materials must review these requirements with their staff; confirm the required activities are properly implemented; and sign and return the Guide to Environmental Health and Safety via email ( or fax (814-865-7225) prior to winter break, Friday, December 21st.   If you are a Principle Investigator of an active University  Isotope Committee (UIC) protocol and have not received this Guide, please contact  The Guide is also available on EHS’s website: