New Drone Flight Request System

Office for Research Protections     |    Unmanned Air Systems

The Office for Research Protections is excited to share that Penn State has recently purchased an electronic system to process requests to fly Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The UAS team worked with stakeholders to identify the best system, and we are just a few months away from rolling the system out to the community.

Features of the system:

  • Capture in one system most information needed to process requests (including attachments)
  • Manage aircraft details (registration and associated flight requests)
  • Manage pilot details (Part 107 cert #, contact info and qualifications)
  • Search for coordinates and identify surrounding airspace restrictions (map is powered by Airmap)
  • Create post-flight reports (report take-off or landing damages, equipment malfunctions, lost link events, or accidents, incidents or events of interest)

Pilot phase: We are looking for volunteers to pilot the system over the next few months. If you are interested in piloting (no pun intended!), please email

In the meantime: Continue to use our online form to submit a UA request to fly:

Additional notifications about the system will follow in the coming weeks and months.