Update to CATS IACUC Coming Soon


Office for Research Protections     |     Institutional Animal and Care Use Committee (IACUC) 

Important Notice for Researchers Using CATS IACUC!

In the coming weeks, CATS IACUC will be upgraded. CATS IACUC users will see a release announcement on their "My Inbox" closer to the upgrade date. Below are two key changes that impact how researchers enter information in the protocol form.

As part of this upgrade, the “adjusted animal count" field (show below), which accounts for animal reuse across experiments, will be updated to automatically match the number of animals used in experiments. Unless there is a need to adjust the animal count number due to reuse of animals between experiments, researchers will no longer need to update this field as was previously required. If the “adjusted animal count” number is manually adjusted to account for reuse and the total number of animals used in experiments is later changed (e.g., during review of a protocol or in an amendment), the “adjusted animal count” number will automatically update by the same amount and only needs to be further updated by the researcher if the number of animals to be reused across experiments needs to be recalculated. 

In the past, the need to update has been a source of confusion. This upgrade should help to simplify this section of the protocol.  


Adjusted Animal Count Image

Another key change will be to the "Alternatives" section where researchers will now be able to enter more than one procedure with the same search details (date of search, databases searched, keywords used, summary of search, and time period covered by search). This is only required for protocols with procedures that cause category D or E pain or distress.

Alternatives Search Image

For more information, review our guide on creating and submitting a protocol to the IACUC. For more resources visit our Education page or review the IACUC Basic Steps