Box Migration for Human Subjects Data

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Box cloud storage will be retired at Penn State in September 2021. Researchers with human subjects data stored in Box should keep this information in mind as they migrate their human subjects data out of Box: 

Existing Studies

  • Studies reviewed at the Expedited and Full Board level will need to remove reference to Box storage from their protocol and/or HRP-598 and update how they plan to store data at the time of their NEXT Modification or Continuing Review.
  • To update the protocol or HRP-598 at the time of Continuing Review, study teams will need to create a "MODCR" in CATS IRB and check the box for "Other parts of the study" under Modification Scope.
  • Existing studies referencing Box do not need to submit a modification prior to their scheduled migration since this is an institutional change and not a study specific situation.  
  • Studies determined to be exempt do not to submit a modification regarding Box storage, assuming data continues to be stored in a University solution.


New Studies

  • Study teams should follow guidelines for choosing a new University storage solution
  • Do not submit a new protocol with a reference to Box storage; please choose a new data storage solution.  New studies that list Box storage will be returned.  

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