A Message from Dr. Lora Weiss, Senior Vice President for Research

Lora Weiss



Greetings, and thanks to everyone for providing me with an extremely warm welcome. I am excited and eager to begin as Penn State's Senior Vice President for Research.  This is an incredible university that is well known worldwide for its breadth and depth of exceptional research and academic excellence. I am honored to join this community as we advance our research portfolio, not just by solving problems, but by anticipating and solving the world’s hardest challenges and making meaningful breakthroughs.

Our interdisciplinary researchers are world leaders and are pushing the boundaries. We know that much of the future of research will require multidisciplinary teams, encompassing our faculty, research administration and staff.  I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable all members of our teams are.

In the coming days, weeks, months, and years, I will be reaching out to obtain your thoughts on how to be even more influential in shaping the national conversation in high impact research areas. I am here to be a champion for you and for research.

I am fortunate to pick up where Neil Sharkey left off and to continue supporting and directing the multitude of research advances across our University. 

In closing, I would like to share with you five words that I had inscribed in a children’s book that I had given to my two daughters when they were younger. I hope you embrace these words in all your roles at Penn State:  

“Keep innovating fearlessly and forever.''

I look forward to being a partner in your journey, and thanks for welcoming me to Penn State.

Warmest regards,