Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (COP)

COP Master Agreement (for use by all Commonwealth agencies)

  • Instructions for submitting a proposal under the COP Master Agreement
  • Master Agreement #4400008014 (effective 6/1/2011) (Replaced #4400003640)
    • Highlights from the Master Agreement
    • Change Order #1  
      • Change Number 1 allows PSU to provide training services under the Master Agreement but is limited ONLY to training conducted by PSU personnel at PSU facilities (including PSU sponsored hotels, for example the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel at University Park). The Master Agreement cannot be utilized for training that will be subcontracted to an outside entity or for training to be performed at a Commonwealth facility or third party location.
    • Change Order #2 
      • Change Number 2 incorporates a revised Attachment 1 (Agency Request – Work Plan) to delete the reference to F&A recovery being permitted in certain circumstances when Commonwealth funds are involved. There will no longer be any F&A recovery on Commonwealth-funded purchase orders. F&A recovery will only be permitted when federal funds are utilized and subject to the guidelines of the federal funding agency.
    • Change Order #3
      • Change Number 3 incorporates the Report of Personal Property form to be used for all expendable property and capital equipment acquired on a COP Master Agreement purchase order. Instructions for completion and routing of the form are available here. Additionally, Property Inventory has created a Property Tracking and Reporting Procedures document, which outlines the procedures for determining the final disposition of Personal Property acquired with COP Master Agreement funds. IF NO PERSONAL PROPERTY IS ACQUIRED, NO REPORT IS NECESSARY.
  • Former Master Agreement Documents

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