Multiple/Sister Accounts

Multiple Accounts 

This applies to any award that has the need for a separate account under the same award. For example: another faculty member such as a Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) in the same college, additional funding with a different overhead rate, or the sponsor requires incremental financial reporting.

To establish a multiple account, follow these steps:

  • College processes an Add University Restricted Accounts (AURA) to establish an account number for the award under the lead PI.
  •  College processes a second AURA to establish an account for the award under the Co-PI.
  •  College processes a Budget Amendment for Restricted Accounts (BARA) for each of the accounts under the award. 
  • Forward via e-mail to the department receiving the second account:

    • Copy of the BARAs
    • Award distribution from Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Sister Accounts

This applies to any award that has a separate budget for a college or unit performing individual tasks outside the PI’s college. 

  • Administering College processes an AURA to establish the account number. 
  • Administering College then distributes the account number to the other administrative area (all sister accounts need to use the same fund number for tracking purposes).
  • Forward via email to the sister account(s) administrative area:

    • Copy of the original AURA
    • Copy of budget for sister account. If the award is for several years, include the incremental amount currently awarded if not fully funded. 
    • Copy of Award Summary Page from OSP
    • Details regarding the award; such as a Proposal Number from the sister account college or unit.
  • Once the account number is established, the sister account Research Administrator should grant access via Maintain Extended Financial Access (UEFA) in Integrated Business Information System (IBIS) to the managing Research Administrator in the lead college or unit. 
  • When the award is closed out, Research Administrator for the Sister account should send a copy of the completed Authorization to Close (ATC) form to the managing Research Administrator in the lead college or unit.