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Foreign Travel

Under University Policy AD89, all University Persons (faculty, staff and students) must request a pre-travel export compliance review of planned international travel activities undertaken for official University business purposes prior to departure.  No export compliance review is required for purely personal travel events or for travel by students for non-University business purposes (i.e. travel solely for student academic purposes).  Requests for a pre-travel, export compliance review of any covered international travel will be handled by the Export Compliance Specialists and staff within the University Export Compliance Office, including reviews of any travel related to or funded under a Sponsored Research grant, contract or any other award vehicle.  The required pre-travel export compliance review is not an approval process, but serves as the means to help to identify and mitigate export compliance "red flags" (risks) prior to the commencement of international travel activities.

 For more information about foreign travel export compliance reviews, please visit the University Export Compliance Website.

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The Science and Engineering Research Expenditure Rankings for FY14 were released November 2015. This report identifies Penn State's rankings in S&E research fields and subfields. This data is based on an expenditure survey conducted each year by the National Science Foundation. Survey data from prior years can be found here.

The Annual Report of Research Activity charts sources of research funding, research expenditures, and the research activity of the interdisciplinary and technology transfer units.