Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Leave provides faculty with a leave of absence with pay for purposes of intensive study or research which has as its outcome increasing the quality of the individual's future contribution to the University. A sabbatical is a privilege which may be granted to an individual who has demonstrated by publication, teaching, exhibition or performance an above average ability in scholarship, research, or other creative accomplishment.

Please see Sabbatical Leave (HR17) which explains sabbatical leave in more detail regarding issues such as, eligibility requirements, conditions, approvals and length. 

To determine if outside support funds or outside compensation is allowable to augment their salary while on sabbatical leave, please seeRegulations Regarding Use of Support Funds and Receiving Outside Compensation During Sabbatical  Leaves of Absence (HRG15).

If sabbatical pay is augmented from a grant or contract per HRG15, then it should be charged to the same object code as regular pay or 134.  Do not use object code 109.  Object code 109 is used only for sabbatical leave.  In the event that a PI has a required cost share commitment while on sabbatical, that portion should be allocated to object code 104.