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Research/Penn State is a print and electronic magazine showcasing the diversity and drama of Penn State's $838-million-per-year research program. The publication is produced as a public service to inform, entertain and inspire the University community. Contacts for Research Communications editorial staff are available here. To receive news and features on Penn State research twice a month via email, please subscribe here

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Research Penn State Fall 2016
Volume 36 | Number 2
In This Issue: The Virus in the Cupboard: Hunting Pathogens Close to Home // Abandoning Creativity // Civil War Goes Graphic // Materials Matter // Road Salt After the Melt
Research Penn State Spring 2016
Volume 36 | Number 1
In This Issue: The Genesis of Prayer: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Origins of Modern Worship // Rainforest Recovery // The Hot & Cold of Aging // A Propeller in the Heart // Gleaning Meaning
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Research Penn State Fall 2015
Volume 35 | Number 2
In This Issue: A Blow to the Head: After a concussion, when is it safe to go back in the game? // The Human Rainbow // Drought-resistant Crops // The Flood Next Time // Incubating Art
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Research Penn State Spring 2015
Volume 35 | Number 1
In This Issue: Tear Down that Wall: The key to efficient biofuels may lie in learning how plants build their cell walls // Machines that See // Childhood Trauma Lingers // Weird World of 2D
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