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Veterinary Services

Research Animal Health and Welfare

  • Trained Animal Resource Program (ARP) personnel observe all animals daily.
  • Animal health concerns observed by ARP personnel are directed to the ARP veterinary technician or attending veterinarian.
  • Sick or injured animals will have a health alert card placed in their cage cardholder indicating that a sick animal report has been filed with the attending veterinarian. The veterinary technician and/or veterinarian will examine the animal(s) and initiate a medical record for that animal. A reasonable attempt will be made to contact the investigator before medical treatment is started or euthanasia performed.
  • All investigators must make arrangements for alternative contacts that have the authority to make decisions regarding the disposition of animals requiring immediate care in the event the investigator cannot be reached. Investigators who know they will be unavailable for an extended time period may wish to make prior arrangements with the ARP for treatment of sick or injured animals.
  • If the investigator or an alternative contact cannot be reached within a reasonable amount of time treatment or euthanasia will proceed at the discretion of the attending veterinarian.
  • If judged appropriate by the attending veterinarian, animals may be removed from a study and treated or euthanized to relieve unwarranted pain and/or distress.