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Rodent Surgery Training Classes

The next Rodent Surgery class is scheduled for February 26 and March 4, 2020 (1-4 pm each day). A Microsurgery Seminar is planned for spring 2020 (date TBD).


Please contact the ARP at 865-1495 if you would like to attend a class. Participants are required to be listed on a PSU IACUC-approved protocol, have completed all required online IACUC training and attend all required class sessions. Class sizes are limited.

Rodent Surgery: This class emphasizes the appropriate and humane use of animals in research and consists of two, 3-hour sessions that meet approximately one week apart.  Topics covered include aseptic technique, preparation and planning for surgery, suturing, anesthesia and analgesia. Prior experience in surgery is not expected and both class sessions include lecture and laboratory exercises. Participants are required to attend both class sessions.

Microsurgery Seminar: An introduction to microsurgical instrument handling and suturing techniques and their use in research animal surgery. Due to the small size of many laboratory animals (e.g., mice, rats, birds, fish) microsurgical techniques are often necessary to successfully complete procedures. In addition, microsurgery may result in faster wound healing with less pain and distress because of smaller wound size and less tissue trauma. Participants must have completed the ARP Rodent Surgery class or have prior experience in surgery (i.e., suturing and aseptic technique) to attend.