Public Access Information

Penn State will make certain information regarding identified financial conflicts of interest related to PHS-funded research available to the public via written response within five business days of receiving a specific request for information at the email or office address listed below. Each request must contain the reasonable specificity as required by Penn State Policy RP06. Additionally, each request must be submitted to either the email address or office address provided below.  Email is the preferred and recommended form of communication.

Pursuant to federal regulations and University policy, Penn State will provide the following information when such requests are properly received:

  •  The Senior or Key Personnel’s name,
  • The Senior or Key Personnel’s title and role with respect to the research project,
  • The name of the entity in which the SFI is held,
  • The nature of the SFI, and
  • The approximate dollar value of the SFI.

Please note that all information provided to the requestor is current as of the date of correspondence.

Response to Requests:

The requestor will receive a letter from the COI Program either providing the information specified above or providing one of the following reasons it could not be provided: 1.) the request was not sufficiently specific; 2.) the individual for whom information is requested is not a current Penn State employee; 3.) the study for which information is requested was not performed by Penn State University; 4.) The study and/or individual are not funded by a PHS agency; 5.) The individual for whom the request is requested does not have a conflict of interest with this study; and 6.) The individual named in the request is not Senior/Key Personnel.   

To submit a request, please send an email to the following address:

If email is not available, please send a written letter of request to the following office address:

Office for Research Protections
Attn: COI Program_Public Accessibility Request
The 330 Building, Suite 205
University Park, PA 16802

To contact COI staff with questions, please use the following:

Phone: 814-865-1775