COVID-19 Information for Penn State Researchers

As circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to evolve, our focus remains on the health and well-being of our community. This page will serve as the main point of communication regarding COVID-19 for Penn State Research administration offices at University Park, researchers, and research labs. 

In March 2020, we rapidly reduced our on-campus research-related activities, and in May 2020, we began a gradual increase in these activities. We must be prepared to reduce activities again, at anytime needed. It remains critical that all researchers and units have a responsive and responsible plan for conducting research that ensures a balance of safety and health while also continuing research developments, with the former outweighing the latter.

COVID19 Sustaining Research Guidelines provides guidelines for the creation of unit-level research plans. These instructions will be updated as necessary.

Please note at this time the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research is open and fully operational. Many staff are working remotely and most meetings are being held virtually. If you plan to visit the office in-person, please make arrangements in advance. We apologize for any delay in communications during this time; we are committed to maintaining smooth operations. 

Guidelines last updated September 8, 2020 at 4:35p.m. EST.