Adding a Project

Each Dive Plan must be associated with a Project; however, there could be multiple dive plans that fall under an individual project. Examples of project titles may be a) the title of your grant (if applicable), b) type of research you are conducting (including the location, e.g., NSF Fish Spawning in Curacao, c) Check-dive (for currency dives). 


To add a Project, complete the following steps. 

1. Select “Projects” from the left side menu. 

Picture of Bloop Project Menu


2.  Select “New Project” at the top middle of the page. 

Picture of New Project in Bloop


3. Populate all fields and tabs (Required, Additional, General). If you are unable to find the location associated with the project, you will need to add it into the system. 

Picture of defining a new project in Bloop

4. To add a location: 

  • Click on the pin in the “Areas/Locations” field of the Define a new Project box. 
  • Select the correct Area you wish to add to. 
  • Click on the area on the map where you wish to add a location. 
  • Select “Add new location here”
  • Type in a “Location name”
  • Enter in the max depth and dive site specialties, if applicable 
  • Select “Add Location” (A project can be submitted without a location if you select “specified at plan or log level.”)
  • Your screen should default back to the “Define a new Project” box.
  • Be sure to populate the remaining fields and tabs. 


5. Submit the project when you are ready to do so.