SARI@PSU Information for Faculty

Since September 1, 2011, all new PSU full-time faculty are required to participate in SARI@PSU activities. New faculty have 12 months from date of hire to complete the SARI@PSU requirement, which consists of two hours of RCR educational activities. This requirement may be met through

  • any CITI online course
  • two hours of discussion-based activity, or
  • a combination of activities.

CITI training for IRB or IACUC purposes DOES fulfill the SARI@PSU requirement. Eligible discussion-based activities include participation in workshops focusing on the responsible conduct of research or equivalent professional ethics-related content. Workshops may include those offered by SARI (see the list of upcoming SARI events), other Penn State units, or by another institution or at a professional conference.

SARI@PSU participation should be self-reported to ORP via the SARI@PSU faculty portal. Completion of any CITI course will be automatically recorded in the faculty member’s profile. SARI@PSU participation records will be shared annually with campus administrators, college deans and department heads.


SARI@PSU Faculty Portal

Continuing education requirement: Every three years (by the 48th month of employment at PSU, and every three years after that), faculty must report one hour of SARI@PSU continuing education activity. These requirements can be met by any of the SARI@PSU activities described above, or by completing an online “refresher course” offered by CITI.

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