Add a Substance

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After creating or seleting the appropriate research team, the next step of the CATS IACUC submission process is to identify or create substances that will be used during the research activities. Substances can be used on one or more protocols without the need to re-create every time. 

Standard Substances

There are pre-built, standard substances linked to the corresponding animal(s) as well as team based substances. Before creating team based substances, determine if the needed substances already exist in the CATS IACUC database. New, standard substances are regularly being added to the system.

Find the pre-built, standard substances by navigating to the substances tab. Here you can click on the name of the substance and then select “view substance” to see if it would be appropriate for your research. If you would like to use the substance, there is no further action at this time. Simply select it from the substance list when creating a procedure.

Picture of steps to select a standard substance to view


Team Based Substances

If the standard substances are not suitable for your research, create your own team-based substances. When creating a substance, choose a name that you will be able to easily identify when selecting substances for the protocol. 

Select the ”Create Substance”  button to get to the Substance Information page. Select all appropriate substance types. Create as many substances as needed for the protocol.

Picture of create a substance button and information page for the substance