IACUC Annual Reviews

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Annual review is a single page form that asks for a summary, description of any adverse or unanticipated events, and animal usage for the past year.

Note: If you are submitting an annual review, you are unable to edit any part of the protocol. If you have changes that need to be made, you must submit a separate amendment submission for IACUC review and approval. See the section on amendments for more information. 

To submit an annual review, the follow the steps below.

Begin a Review

To begin a Review, select the appropriate review type in the menu of your approved protocol as pictured to the right. Refer to “Find your Protocol” for detailed steps on how  to find a protocol in CATS IACUC. Complete the pages of the review.

Review Menu.png


NOTE: Report animal usage in an Annual Review by updating the "Animal Use Count." Select the blue bubble with the question mark for examples of how animal usuages should be reported for various protocol types. See the image abd tabke below for further details.


Update Animal Use.png


Help Text Example

Breeding Only

Date Used Species Number Used Comments

Enter the date of this report (today's date) 

Mice (Laboratory) 


20 offspring produced but not used; 10 used in breeding; 70 transferred to research 



Additional examples are available in the help text. 

Submit the Review

The review is ready to submit after the final page is complete. To submit the Review, select “Save” and then “Exit” to return to “Next Steps” menu. 

Save & Exit.png


In the “Next Steps” menu, there is the “Submit” button. Select “Submit” to send the review to the IACUC.

Review Menu Submit.png


Reviews sucessfully sent to the IACUC will change the submission to a “Pre-review” state. 


IACUC pre-review.png