Respond to Clarification Requests

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Once a protocol has been created and submitted to the IACUC, the IACUC staff and/or IACUC committee may have additional clarifications or required modifications that need to be made by the research team before a determination can be made. As a result, the research staff may need to respond to questions and/or make changes to their protocol. 

When clarifications/required modification requests are made, an email will be sent to the PI, Proxy, and Primary Contact and the submission will also appear in My Inbox within CATS IACUC.

From the submission workspace History Log, click the Clarifications Request… activity entry and read the comments. Click Edit Protocol to view where reviewer notes have been added in the IACUC submission form, as well as to make changes to the submission.

Next Steps.png

The left navigation bar will identify smartform pages where reviewer notes have been added. Reviewer notes are identifiable by the reviewer note icon (reviewer note.png).  


In the example above, one reviewer note was added on the Basic Information page and one reviewer note was added on the Experiments page. To read the specific reviewer note, first navigate to the page on which the reviewer note was added. Once on the page, click on each reviewer note icon (They can appear at the top right of the page (if applicable to the entire page) or to the right of any question. If applicable, reply to the reviewer note by clicking Reply

Reply 2.png

Upon clicking Reply, you will be provided with the opportunity to add text and/or attach files (if applicable). After adding any desired text and files, click OK to save the note and then Close on the Reviewer Note window.  

Reply 3.png

Once all reviewer notes have been addressed and the appropriate changes have been made to the submission form, click Save and then Exit at the bottom right.  

Exit Save.png

The Principal Investigator or, if assigned, a PI Proxy may now click execute the Submit Response activity in the when ready to submit back to the IACUC. 

Submit Response.png