Respond to Clarifications

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Once a protocol has been created and submitted to the IACUC, the IACUC staff and/or IACUC committee may have additional clarifications or required modifications that need to be made by the research team before a determination can be made. As a result, the research staff may need to respond to questions and/or make changes to their protocol. 

When clarifications/required modification requests are made, an email will be sent to the PI, Proxy, and Primary Contact and a message will also appear in My Inbox within CATS IACUC.

Read and respond to reviewer notes by clicking on the “Edit Protocol.” You can navigate between the reviewer notes by clicking the “Previous” and “Next” arrows. Select the “Click here to respond…” link to respond to a particular reviewer note. Some reviewer notes will require a response before being able to resubmit the protocol. See the picture below for an example.

Picture of Clarifications requested and Edit Protocol Button


Once all reviewer notes have been addressed, click the “Exit” link in the middle menu below the CATS IACUC banner.  Click on the “Submit Response” link when ready to submit back to the IACUC. Remember only the PI and PI proxy are able to submit.