Create a Research Team

Before beginning any submission, the investigator must either create or select a research team that is responsible for the research activity. 

When first logging into CATS IACUC, researchers typically only have the option to  “create research team.” However, researchers who are already on a research team will see the option to begin creating a protocol for that team. Make sure to create protocols using the appropriate team.

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It is best for researchers to create their own research team when acting as the principal investigator. This will allow the researcher to have ownership of the substances, procedures, and protocols created within that research team. Think of these components as being part of a “library.” Each time a procedure, substance or protocol is added, it becomes part of the research team “library.” 


After selecting “Create Research Team” the “Research Team Information” page will appear. Give your research team a unique name that will be easily identifiable among other research teams that you may be on.

Principal investigator (PI) will default to the individual creating the study team. Select a different PI if needed. Roles assigned to personnel on a research team will not determine the responsibilities of personnel on a protocol.

Add members to the research team- those who will be conducting research activities through the duration of the study. The system will pull from this list of research team members when generating the protocol and procedure team members. It is possible to add personnel to and remove from a specific protocol when the protocol is created or through a modification. You can edit the research team at any time, but this will not change personnel listed on protocols that have already been submitted or approved. If an individual is removed from a protocol, this will not affect the original research team, which will remain intact unless removing the individual directly from the research team.

Research Team Information page



Every research team member will need to update his/her profile by listing relevant experience, education and specific procedure training. PIs are not able to update experience on behalf of the research team members. Research Team members can update their profiles by logging into CATS IACUC, selecting My Profile” and then “Edit Details” as pictured below.


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After selecting “Edit Details” the research team members can type in their experience and click OK to save.