Personnel Changes

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When changes must be made to the Research Team an Amendment is needed. See the instructions on how to create and submit an amendment

Research Team is the list of personnel who will have access to the team library, which includes procedures, substances and protocols. The Research Team is a list of core personnel who will have continued involvement with the Primary Investigator’s lab.

Protocol Team members can be the same members as the Research Team. However, personnel can be added to or removed from the Protocol Team depending upon the specific project.

Protocol Team member changes are more common than Research Team member changes. A change in the Protocol Team requires an amendment to be submitted, reviewed, and approved by the IACUC. A change in the Research Team does not require an amendment, will not change the protocol, and will not grant approval for personnel to work on the protocol. However, adding someone to the Research Team will give access to the team library.

To make changes to the Research Team, access the team by selecting “My Inbox” and choosing the name of the team that needs to be updated. 

Research Team Options.1.png


Add to the research team by selecting the "Add" option or remove members by selecting the "X" next to the member's name.

Research Team w Names.png


After describing the changes in the amendment details (first page of the amendment), personnel must be updated on the Protocol Team Member page. If adding personnel to the Protocol Team Member page, you must also verify assignment to procedures on the Procedure Personnel Assignment page. If removing personnel from the Protocol Team Member page, they will automatically be removed from any procedures as well. These pages are pictured to the right. Use the menu “Jump To” to get to to the pages in the protocol that require updates. Make the the appropriate team member changes. 

Protocol Team Members w Names.png

Procedure Personnel Assignment Delete.png


Submit the Changes

Follow the instructions on submitting an amendment to complete the submission of the amendment to the Research Team.