Researchers seek participants for a sitting and health study

To assess (a) the feasibility of completing simulated office work activities in a lab-based setting while pedaling a desk-compatible cycling device at different physical activity intensity levels; and (b) influence of demographic factors and body mass index (BMI) on work performance.

We are seeking 96 participants between the ages of 20-65 to help us evaluate how to improve people’s health while they are sitting, and engaging in sedentary activities such as working on a computer. 


Penn State IRB Approval Number: 

Participant Inclusion Criteria

Gender criteria: 
No Gender Requirements
Starting Age in Years: 
Ending Age in Years: 
Additional Inclusion Criteria: 
  • Exercise less than 90 minutes per week
  • Spend at least 6 hours sitting on an average day
  • Native English speaker
  • Comfortable typing without looking at the keyboard 
Exclusion Criteria: 
  • Medical condition that may prevent safe physical activity (e.g., heart condition)
  • Pregnant
  • Body mass index lower than 18 or higher than 35
Will compensation be provided?: 
Compensation amount:: 
A $50 gift card to either Amazon or Walmart (your choice).

Study Dates, Times and Location

Location of Study: 
235 Leonhard Building, University Park PA 16802
By Appointment?: 
Approx Study Length: 
Study Length Details: 
Participation will involve a single session of approximately 2 hours.

Contact Information

Contact Name: 
Erica Mellinger or Jay Cho
Contact Email:
Website for research study:
Contact Phone Number: 
(814) 865-9984