Seeking participants for a slow walking program at the Penn State arboretum!

We are looking for college students age between 18-25 or older adults age over 65 to participate in our slow walking program. This program is a feasibility study aiming to evaluate the usefulness and acceptability of an outdoor attention-focused slow walking program. The study will also evaluate whether this walking program has potential to improve physical activity level and impact several domains of mental health including stress, anxiety, depression, pleasant feelings, and cognitive ability.

Penn State IRB Approval Number: 

Participant Inclusion Criteria

Gender criteria: 
No Gender Requirements
Starting Age in Years: 
Ending Age in Years: 
Additional Inclusion Criteria: 

1. People age between 18-25 or over 65.
2. Can walk normally without other’s assistance

Exclusion Criteria: 

1. Inability to walk
2. Allergic to any flowers or plants
3. Have any health condition that should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor

Will compensation be provided?: 
Compensation amount:: 
Participants that complete the program will be entered into a Raffle for 4- $50 and 14- $25 gift cards

Study Dates, Times and Location

Location of Study: 
Arboretum at Penn State (Bigler Rd)
By Appointment?: 
Approx Study Length: 
Study Length Details: 
Participants will attend the arboretum at Penn State 2 to 3 times per week for about 3 weeks (8 times in total). Participants will engage in a 30-minute individual slow walking (with attention components integrated gradually) each time along the arboretum trail.

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