OneNote Meal Study - Call for Voluntary Participants!

Researchers in the college of Information Sciences and Technology are seeking volunteers to participate in a study of photo-based meal tracking. You will be asked to capture photos of daily meals for 4 weeks, and finish a survey and an interview before and after the study. You will be paid $20 at the end of the study.

We are looking for participants who love food and enjoy meal tracking!


If you are interested in participating, please contact Yuhan Luo by email

Please also see our recruiting poster for details! We are looking forward to meeting with you!



Penn State IRB Approval Number: 

Participant Inclusion Criteria

Starting Age in Years: 
Additional Inclusion Criteria: 
  • Student at Penn State
  • Have access to smart phone & Internet
Exclusion Criteria: 

History of eating disorder

Will compensation be provided?: 
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Study Dates, Times and Location

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Contact Information

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Yuhan Luo
Contact Email:
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