James Delattre

  • Associate Vice President for Research
  • Director, Office of Entrepreneurship & Commercialization
Office of the Senior Vice President
200 Innovation Boulevard Suite 115, Room 115K University Park , PA 16802
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Prior to joining Penn State’s Office of the Senior Vice President for Research as Assistant Vice President for Research and Industrial Partnerships, Dr. James L. Delattre served as Vice President of Global Marketing at NanoHorizons, Inc., a nanomaterials manufacturing start-up company spun out of Penn State.  Dr. Delattre joined the research team at NanoHorizons as Product Development Manager in 2005 after working in the Low-k Dielectrics Group at Novellus Systems, Inc. in Santa Clara, California. He earned his PhD in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, with a focus on processes for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from semiconductor manufacturing and the development of new synthetic techniques for the solid state. He completed postdoctoral work investigating the plasma treatment of polymers at the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche at the University of Bari, Italy. He is the author of over a dozen peer reviewed scientific articles and holds several patents. Dr. James Delattre received his BS with honors in Chemistry from Penn State, where he studied inorganic, high-pressure chemistry and Russian language.