GURU News - Research Protection Policies & Guideline Update

Selected Research Administration policies have been transitioned to a new Research Protections section of General University Reference Utility (GURU) and one new policy has been added.  Candice A. Yekel, Associate Vice President for Research and Director of the Office for Research Protections is the policy steward for Research Protections guidelines and policies.

[RP01 - Policy Pending Review and Approval (see RPG01)]
RP02 - Addressing Allegations of Research Misconduct (Formerly RA10)
RP03 - The Use of Human Participants in Research (Formerly RA14)
RP04 - Care and Use of Vertebrate Animals (Formerly RA15)
RP05  - Research Quality in Human Participant Research (New Policy)
RP06  - Disclosure and Management of Significant Financial Interests (Formerly RA20)
RP07 -  HIPAA and Research at Penn State University (formerly RA22)
RP08  - HIPAA and Research at The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and COM (formerly RA23)

RPG01 - The Responsible Conduct of Research (Formerly RAG16)