IACUC Begins Replacing PRAMS with CATS IACUC

Image of researcher typing with CATS IACUC system banner over top

Office for Research Protections     |     Institutional Animal and Care Use Committee (IACUC) 

The IACUC (Penn State's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) fully rolled out CATS IACUC on January 1 this year. CATS IACUC will eventually replace PRAMS as the IACUC online application system for animal care and use protocols. CATS IACUC is a user-friendly system that streamlines and allows for re-use of information on research teams and procedures; provides a transparent workflow for researchers; improves the ease and documentation of communications about submission reviews and changes; and simplifies the annual and triennial review processes.

All new IACUC applications and 3-year renewals must be submitted through CATS IACUC, except for protocols for preserved animals.

Alongside preserved animal protocols, investigators can still use PRAMS for applications started in PRAMS before January 1, 2018 and for annual reviews and modification for protocols originally approved in PRAMS.

The IACUC is offering training for CATS IACUC both remotely and in-person.