Annual Financial Interest Disclosure Period

Office for Research Protections     |     Conflict of Interest 

Each year, all Penn State Investigators must submit a financial disclosure in COINS during the conflict of interest disclosure period. The 2020 disclosure period began February 1.  

For disclosure purposes, an Investigator is any faculty, staff, student, or other individual who designs, conducts, or reports research at Penn State, and Investigators must disclose in COINS any Significant Financial Interest that reasonably appears to be related to their responsibilities at Penn State. Investigators must submit a disclosure even if they have nothing to disclose.

Significant Financial Interests include interests that are directly related to the investigator's work at Penn State but also interests that could be perceived as related. If an investigator has a financial interest in a company that is not traded publicly, they must disclose any financial equity in the company. This includes ownership in start-up companies that have zero valuation, even if they are not currently conducting business activities or are not profitable.

The disclosure criteria of publicly-traded entities differs, and the complete critieria of what the University considers a significant financial interest can be found on the conflict of interest website or in Penn State policy RP06 Disclosure and Management of Significant Financial Interests.

If you have any questions regarding financial conflicts of interest or the disclosure process, contact the University's conflict of interest program: