Poster and Media Submissions


The 2020 Postdoctoral Research exhibition is calling for research poster submissions to be presented virtually in lieu of the traditional format. All submissions from all fields, including those that have been previously presented at other conferences, are encouraged and welcome.

As the posters will be presented virtually this year, your submission and presentation need to be able to be hosted online. If you would like to present your work, we ask that you submit the following:

  1. Poster Title & Author(s) details
  2. Abstract (≤ 300 words, or as written if previously presented)
  3. 5 – 8 Keywords relevant to your submission

And one of the following:

  1. An electronic copy of your Poster (preferably as an image file) and a 2 - 3-minute audio recording of you explaining your poster, or;
  2. A 2 – 3 minute video2 of you presenting and explaining your poster in any format, including but not limited to: a narrated screen capture of the poster, a recording of you physically interacting and explaining your poster, etc.

As the research exhibition is multi-disciplinary we are asking that you tailor your presentation towards a general audience, and the judging criteria reflect this. Judging will be based upon the content of the poster i.e. objective, interpretation, etc. (40%), the visual presentation and display of the poster (30%), and how well you present and explain your submission (30%). You can find a copy of the Judging rubric here.

Judging of posters will happen between September 21-23, 2020 by Penn State faculty, graduate students, and researchers.

You can submit your work at the following link:

Poster presenters will also be asked to take part in a Discussion/Networking session on September 25th, 2020, where you will be able to engage with other presenters and attendees regarding your own work and theirs, and any research interests you may share. This will happen via Zoom break out rooms in Canvas.

If you have any queries regarding the poster submissions, please contact Ty Lees,


For the 2020 Postdoc Research Exhibition, we are soliciting entries for a category that we are broadly calling “media”.

(“medium” = “the intervening substance through which impressions are conveyed to the senses or a force acts on objects at a distance”)

This category may include any electronic or analog media that is part of, or designed to highlight/communicate your research at Penn State, including but not limited to

1. videos, recorded and/or animated

2 comics or graphic novels

3 paintings, illustrations, or examples of graphic design

4 websites, video games, software, or other digital media

5 excerpts from book chapters or public-facing journalism (but not articles in academic journals, theses, dissertations, or similar)

6 original musical pieces or compositions, including short story, poetry.

7 any combination of the above


The media should be accompanied by a text description (≤200 words) that provides context for and introduces the audience to the submitted media. 

You can upload your files here. If you have any questions, please contact Josh Garber,

This media must be accessible remotely and online for the exhibition. We would prefer that this be via hosting the exhibition Canvas page – including options for embedded video and media apps – but this can also be achieved via a link to an external website (including your own). If you have privacy concerns and do not wish to share your material outside of the PSU community, please let us know at the time of submission.

Judging will be done based on the concept behind the media (20%), it's content and organization (40%), the originality of the submission (30%), and the accompanying description (10%). If the number of entries is large enough, we reserve the right to split entries into subcategories as needed. Judging will happen during September 21-23,2020 by Penn State faculty, graduate students, and researchers.

Prizes for all competitions are contingent on the availability of funds, adequate submissions, and availability of judges. Information on prizes will be updated over the coming weeks.