Annual Reporting of Outside Business Activities

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Office for Research Protections     |     Conflict of Interest 

The Office for Research Protections has begun its annual collection of AC80 reports. Policy AC80: Outside Business Activities and Private Consulting Policy aspires to ensure that outside business activities do not conflict or materially interfere with any faculty member’s appointment with the University, with reference to the University’s mission. The 2020-2021 AC80 Private Consulting and Outside Business Activity report collection period runs through June 10. All reports are due back to the Office for Research Protections (ORP) by Friday, June 11.


  • All full-time tenure and non-tenure track faculty who conduct or engage in Outside Business Activities are required to report annually these activities under policy AC80. This includes all clinical, teaching, and research faculty as well as professors of practice.  
  • Faculty are required to report only those Outside Business Activities, both compensated and uncompensated, that are related to the faculty member’s general area of expertise.  

Data collection process
The ORP is only collecting the Faculty Outside Business Activities Form that is filled out by faculty members and a Department Cover Sheet that contains basic information. Forms were distributed to department administrative offices earlier this month. This year the process is the same as last year and will be as follows:

  1. Faculty members complete the Faculty Report and send to their Department administrator; *Note – if a faculty member does not have anything to report they DO NOT have to fill out a form; however, they should acknowledge by email to their Department administrator that they have nothing to disclose. 
  2. Department administrator sends all Faculty Reports and the Department Cover Sheet to Morgan Rhinehart (  A zip file of all reports is preferred.

Forms to use:
Faculty should contact their department administrator if they have not received a form already.  


Please contact for assistance.