Penn State’s Animal Care and Use Program Continues Full Accreditation



Office for Research Protections     |     IACUC  

November 3, 2021 - Penn State’s University Park Animal Care and Use Program maintains full accreditation by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC). AAALAC promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through a voluntary accreditation program through which “research programs demonstrate that they not only meet the minimums required by law, but are going the extra step to achieve excellence in animal care.” Accreditation is a rigorous process involving a comprehensive program review by the institution, followed by an on-site assessment by members of AAALAC's Council on Accreditation, including all agricultural, wildlife and laboratory animal housing and use space at University Park.   

In their letter of accreditation, AAALAC praised Penn State for “excellent provision of high quality of animal care and welfare” for agricultural, wildlife, and laboratory species at all facilities.  In addition, the site team made a point to note “the conscientious and dedicated animal care personnel, supervisors, managers, and veterinarians” who provided uninterrupted care throughout the pandemic.  AAALAC also commended “the knowledgeable and enthusiastic investigators, research staff, and Office for Research Protections personnel” as well as “the active and engaged IACUC.”

Assistant Vice President for Research, Debra Thurley, added, "AAALAC accreditation requires a tremendous amount of effort from everyone at the University working with animals—not just at the time of the site visit, but throughout the year.  I am grateful to everyone for helping our programs run as smoothly and thoughtfully as they do.”  

Penn State has been fully accredited by AAALAC since 2001.