Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust Ornamental Horticulture Grants 2022

Sponsor Name: 
Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
Description of the Award: 

The Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust supports education and research in ornamental horticulture through grants to botanical gardens, arboreta, universities, and other charitable organizations strongly-aligned with its funding interests:


The advancement of research in ornamental horticulture and the publication of the results of such research.

Examples include:

  • trial/evaluation gardens for horticultural potential of selected plants in a region
  • discerning appropriate cultural techniques and best horticultural practices for a specific group of plants
  • laboratory freezer for DNA samples


Assisting in the creation, development, preservation, and maintenance of gardens accessible to the public for educational purposes.

Examples include:

  • new or revised home demonstration gardens or beds
  • resurfacing garden trails for all-weather accessibility or ADA compliance
  • damage remediation following a natural disaster


Promotion of the environmentally responsible introduction, cultivation, and distribution of plants which have ornamental horticultural value.

Examples include:

  • testing potential new ornamentals for invasiveness
  • promotion and demonstration of the use of local native ornamentals in local or home landscaping
  • collections management software for ornamentals


Assisting in the publication of books or other works relating to ornamental horticulture.

Examples include:

  • guide to appropriate ornamentals for local and regional landscaping
  • guide to best practices for controlling diseases and pests in ornamentals
  • online publication of horticultural inventory for public access


Informal and/or formal educational activities that further ornamental horticulture.

Examples include:

  • classes and workshops on developing and maintaining home gardens
  • garden signage that notes cultural requirements, water- or fire-wise properties, or aesthetic attributes of plants
  • horticultural internships
  • construction or remodeling of educational facilities

The first step in the application process is a Letter of Inquiry (LOI), followed by a full Proposal, if invited. An invitation to submit a Proposal does not assure funding. Organizations that receive a grant are required to submit a report that confirms that the funds granted were used for the intended purpose.

Because the Trust receives many more requests than it is able to fund, the application process is highly competitive. Even if a project fits within the foundation’s guidelines, it may not be funded. In 2021, approximately 38% of invited proposals were funded.

Sponsor LOI Deadline: 
Jul 15, 2022
Sponsor Final Deadline: 
Aug 15, 2022
OSVPR Application or NOI Instructions: 

Interested applicants should upload the following documents in sequence in one PDF file (File name: Last name_StanleySmith2022) no later than 4:00 p.m. on the internal submission deadline:

1. Cover Letter (1 page, pdf):

  • Descriptive title of proposed activity
  • PI name, departmental affiliations(s) and contact information
  • Co-PI's names and departmental affiliation(s)
  • Names of other key personnel
  • Participating institution(s)
  • Number and title of this funding opportunity

2. Project Description (no more than two pages, pdf) and identify the project scope that addresses the key aspects and elements, principal investigators, collaborators, and partner organizations.

3. 2-page CV's of Investigators

Formatting Guidelines:

Font/size: Times New Roman (12 pt.)
Document margins: 1.0” (top, bottom, left and right)
Standard paper size (8 ½” x 11)

To be considered as a Penn State institutional nominee, please submit a notice of intent by the date provided directly below.
OSVPR Downselect Deadline: 
Tuesday, June 28, 2022 - 4:00pm
For help or questions: 

Questions concerning the limited submissions process may be submitted to