Reminder: Register all Radiation-Producing Instruments

Office for Research Protections     |     Radioisotopes  

The ORP reminds researchers that all radiation-producing instruments (e.g., x-ray machines, electron microscopes) must be registered with Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) per Penn State Policy SY15. State regulations require that Penn State report all radiation-producing units to the Department of Environmental Protection.

In addition to required registration, SY15 addresses the acquisition, installation, operation, control, and disposal of radiation-producing instruments at University Park and the Commonwealth Campuses, and any related equipment transferred in from outside institutions. Anyone utilizing radiation-producing instruments must consult with EHS prior to ordering, installing, or moving these instruments:  

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to To obtain authorization, contact Aaron Wilmot, RSO,

Note: SY15 applies to all campus location except Penn State Health and the College of Medicine.

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