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COVID-19 Research @ PSU

COVID-19 Pandemic Research Response, Guidance and Opportunities at Penn State.


Resources for Corporate Partners


In these challenging times, it’s especially important to know where you can turn with questions and who can help with finding creative solutions. The newly created Corporate Engagement Center is here to help.

Penn State, like many institutions around the world, has had to radically change how we do business every day, but the Corporate Engagement Center remains your company’s resource to connect to groundbreaking new research, engage with our student talent pipeline, and develop your current workforce. As the world faces extraordinary challenges, know that our team is your starting point to finding innovative solutions to your specific challenges, now and in the future.


Talk to a Corporate Engagement Center Team Member

Do you have a specific question about the status of an existing project? Would you like to discuss a customized plan to engage with the University? Contact a team member today.

Melissa Erekson
Assistant Vice President for Corporate Engagement
PH  814-308-3978  |  Email  mpe5239@psu.edu

Beth Colledge
Director of Corporate Engagement
PH  814-867-0553  |  Email  bac39@psu.edu

Don Mothersbaugh
Director of Corporate Engagement
PH  814-863-6335  |  Email  dlm62@psu.edu

Jonathan Thurley
Director of Corporate Engagement
PH  814-867-0552  |  Email  jgt11@psu.edu

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