Submit a Dive Plan

Welcome to the scientific diving community at Penn State. To participate in this program and/or EMSC 440 and 441, you will need to request access to the University’s dive management system, Bloop. Please email and one of our system administrators, Sarah Matthews or Jenn Stewart, will provide log in information and details.  

Once you have access to Bloop and have read Penn State’s Scientific Diving Standards Manual, there are several appendices you will need to fill out and upload to your Bloop account. Below, please find a list of the appendices you will need to complete and upload, along with the corresponding certification field in Bloop. 

Appendix Name  [Bloop Certification Name]

  • Appendix 6 AAUS Medical Evaluation of Fitness for SCUBA Diving Report --> [Medical Exam / Dive Fitness Physical]
  • Appendix 6b AAUS Medical Evaluation of Fitness for SCUBA Diving Report & APPLICANT'S RELEASE OF MEDICAL INFORMATION FORM --> [Medical Information Release Form]
  • Appendix 7 Diving Medical History Form --> [Medical History]
  • Appendix 9 PSU Diver Questionnaire --> [Emergency Contact Information]
  • Appendix 10 Application for Diving Certification – Diving Resume --> [Diving Resume]
  • Appendix 11 Scientific Diving – Safe Diving Practices --> [Standards for Scientific Diving Manual]
  • Appendix 12 Statement of Voluntary Consent General Release & Waiver of Liability --> [Liability Waiver]



Scientific divers must be up to date on relevant certifications and training and must complete a dive plan using the online diving management system called Bloop. The Dive Plan form, along with a number of other forms can be found in Bloop as a PDF fillable form. After logging into Bloop, the PDF forms can be located on the left-side menu under "Documents".I would recommend bookmarking the Sci Dive web page as it has many useful tutorials to help you navigate Bloop:  As mentioned on the Sci Dive web page, all the documents you will need to upload to Bloop can be found here:  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  

If you have previously submitted a dive plan at Penn State, an account has likely already been set up for you in Bloop. If you have not previously submitted a dive plan with the University, you will need to first request an account by emailing the Dive Safety Officer (DSO) Dr. Timothy White. When an account has been created, you will receive notification via email on how to proceed.


The resources below offer guidance for navigating the online diving management system.